Falck is an international provider of emergency, safety, healthcare, and contingency services. During the last decade telemedicine has been an integrated part of the ambulance services in Denmark in order to improve access to medical services and treatment of patients during transport to hospital.


Judex is an R&D company with more than 30 years of experience in biomedical engineering and health informatics. Handling biological signals in a proper way is not a trivial task. It involves thorough understanding about the signals origin, features and clinical significance to be able to restore, analyze and present them in an optimal way. Judex has successfully done that over a wide range of different types of biological signals and clinical environments (ECG, EMG, EP, IOM, etc.). Telemedicine is about moving medical information and knowledge over wide distances to where it is mostly needed, while decision support systems can make that knowledge even more accessible or guide user through a predefined workflow etc. Judex has developed a number of successful products within these two areas.


The North Denmark Region
The North Denmark Region is one of five regions in Denmark.The North Denmark Region is characterized by several peripheral areas with a long transportation in the ambulance to the nearest hospital with an acute admission. To minimize the negative aspects of long transportation to the hospital different telemedicine solutions are being used in the pre-hospital examination and treatment of the patients, including Pre-hospital Patient Journal, Telemedicine for heart patients, and Video conference facilities.