Local Government Denmark
Local Government Denmark (LGDK or KL) is the interest group and member authority of Danish municipalities. The mission of the group is to safeguard common interests of the municipalities, assist the individual municipality with consultancy services, and in addition ensure that the local authorities are provided with up-to-date and relevant information.


Standardized Electronic Communication
At the municipality station at PatientVille, standardized e-communication between the municipality and the hospital related to hospital admission and discharge is shown. This includes: admission report, treatment plan, information on final treatment, and discharge report.

Welfare DK

Virtual Rehabilitation
The  municipality communicates with “the home” through the Virtual Rehabilitation project. Virtual Rehabilitation shows, how the rehabilitation unit at the municipaliy creates a rehabilitation programme for the patient. The patient is able to do his/her exercises at home where a special screen shows the exercises and registers whether or not the patient did them correctly. The results from the rehabilitation are available online, where the rehabilitation clinic at the municipality can acces the data and adjust or modify the exercises if needed.