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Healthcare Innovation Centre – Capital Region of Denmark
Healthcare Innovation Centre initiates innovation projects in all 15 hospital units of the Capital Region and is funded by the Regional Growth Forum of the Capital Region of Denmark as well as the 15 hospital units of the region. The work of the Centre also involves helping to improve the quality and efficiency of the health service through the development and application of new products, services and forms of organisation. It is therefore of vital importance to the Centre to support knowledge-sharing among the hospital units in the region and with the business community with innovating product and technologies. The centre provides the two demonstration projects “Telemedicine – Remote Treatment of Cardiovascular Patients” and “Mobile Blood Test Results”, which are both shown at PatientVille 2012.


MedCom’s main objective is to contribute to the development, testing, dissemination, and quality assurance of electronic communication and information in the healthcare sector, with the aim of supporting the continuity of care. The responsibilities of the international department of MedCom International encompasses telemedicine, Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), infra-structure for the use of telemedicine services, and standardisation of electronic communication in the health care sector. Telemedicine includes health services which can be delivered across long or short distances through the use of ICT, including the support of diagnosis, treatment, prevention, research, and education. Home monitoring covers the solutions in which the telemedicine service is delivered to the patient’s home.

Welfare DK

Virtual Rehabilitation
With virtual rehabilitation it is now possible for individuals to get a virtual rehabilitation program at home. By means of a monitor and a 3D-camera, the citizen is introduced to the exercises, which have been predefined by a physiotherapist or occupational therapist for the citizen in a personal training program. The system sends information/results digitally at an individual level, thus the contact persons, such as physiotherapists and occupational therapists, can follow the progress online. The system shall thus be a tool for the local government workers or partners in the rehabilitation of the elderly in making the rehabilitation of the citizens more efficient. The system provides significant cost savings in rehabilitation and will thus have an extremely short payback time.


DELTA is a Danish company and a research and technology center within the core ICT technologies. DELTA has developed and introduced the so called ePatch, which  is a body sensor technological platform for measuring ECG & EMG measurements for people with chronic heart conditions and epilepsy. This valuable data is wirelessly transmitted to any chosen type of receiver, and can be used in countless ways. Using the ePatch technology, health care personnel, users, families and colleagues can monitor exactly what is happening with the wearer’s health, movement and body status. Intelligent monitoring sets of automatic alerts if pre-defined parameters arise or danger signs are encountered. Despite their exceptional capabilities, ePatches are supremely easy to apply and use. Wearers hardly even notice the ePatch is there – regardless of what they are doing or wearing. In sum, ePatch gives many new perspectives for health monitoring.


Welfare Tech
Welfare Tech is a membership organisation with members from private industry, public organisations, and research and education institutions. Welfare Tech operates a national cluster in Denmark that work as a hub for innovation and business development in healthcare, homecare and social services. The core of Welfare Tech comprises innovative Danish companies and public institutions promoting new business opportunities and creates innovation to meet the challenges of an ageing society – with greater efficiency and quality of life. Welfare Tech operates as a national entry point and test bed for international companies who want to enter the Danish and European market.