CSC Scandihealth
CSC Scandihealth is the leading provider of healthcare IT products and services in Scandinavia. CSC Clinical Suite is an electronic patient record that covers the whole hospital across professions, departments, specialities and organization. The solution supports tasks from the referral and the admission to the discharge of the patient. It collects and structures all the patient information that exists in the form of clinical activities and the associated documentation in one place. The solution is flexible and user-friendly, and the hospital can adjust the record structure, clinical overviews, note templates and coherent working procedures themselves to make them fit the needs of the organization concerning contents, structure and support of activities and documentation.


Falck is a Danish company with business activities in 36 countries. Falck’s activities are directed at preventing accidents and disease; providing assistance in situations of emergency, accidents and need ; and helping people move on with their lives after illness or accidents. Falck continuously introduces new technology in order to improve the services. As an example, Falck together with the Danish Hospitals has a long experience of telemedicine, making it possible for the ambulance crews to transfer ECG and other medical data from the ambulance to the hospital. Based on these data, the specialist can guide the ambulance crew on the optimal treatment for the patient in the ambulance. An electronic ambulance record is part of Falck’s services as well. All of Falck’s services are built on a vision of people helping people.

Judex is an R&D company with more than 30 years of experience in biomedical engineering and health informatics. Judex expertise has always been focused on understanding both the clinical as well as the technical aspects, and combining this know-how into new and innovative products for the benefit of the patient and the hospital staff. Telemedicine is about moving medical information and knowledge over wide distances to where it is mostly needed, while decision support systems can make that knowledge even more accessible or guide user through a predefined workflow etc. Judex has developed a number of successful products within these two areas.


The North Denmark Region
The North Denmark Region is one of five regions in Denmark. The primary task of The North Denmark Region is to plan, develop and run the Health Care of the region – including the ambulance service and prehospital examination and treatment when the citizens are acutely ill or seriously injured. The Region is characterized by several peripheral areas with a long transportation in the ambulance to the nearest hospital with an emergency department.  To minimize the negative aspects of long transportation to the hospital different telemedicine solutions are being used in the prehospital examination and treatment of the patients.


Viewcare is a specialized teleconferencing company, which entered the Danish telemedicine business in 2009. Viewcare has developed a generic telemedicine infrastructure that focuses on 2 care areas: acute and planned. The first one covers solutions mainly for ambulances, acute rehabilitation services, and hospitalization in people’s own homes. In the planned area there are services for patients with chronic diseases, services for virtual homecare, and people with physical and mental disorders. For instance, solutions for COPD patients allow constant video communication with a nurse after an admission, measurement and transmission of vitals, and communication with prevention centre via a touch-screen computer.