Mobile Early Warning Score
Early Warning Score is a so-called risk scoring system where the patient’s vital values ​​such as blood pressure, pulse, temperature, respiratory rate and oxygen content in the blood is measured and compared with the patient’s level of consciousness. There is a great need from the clinicians to have a digital solution that through an automatically collection of data from monitoring systems makes automatic calculation and presentation of proposals for action. The patient records are presented in a web interface, which can be accessed via PC or a mobile device allowing the user to ensure that the data is correct or receive proposals for actions.

SharedCare Platform
The SharedCare Platform is a communication platform that enables the health professionals to get an overview of the patients’ current status in only one interface which contains data from all three sectors. The platform is developed to improve and support the cross-sector collaboration regarding more complex courses of treatment where the general practitioner, the municipality and the hospital all contribute to the course of treatment.  A treatment plan can be made for the patient that enables all three sectors to contribute to the support of the individual plan. The patient has access to his/her own personal data and can contribute with measurements, conversations with health professionals, a diary, e.g. before coming for an outpatient visit.

Standardized Electronic Communication
Standardized Electronic Communication is a concept of communicating more through electronic tools and devices. By standardizing e-communication the aim is to shorten the time lag in communication between hospitals and municipalities (home care) related to admission and discharge. The standardized e-communication includes admission report, treatment plan, information on final treatment and discharge report.

TeleCare Nord - logo2

TeleCare North
TeleCare North is an ambitious, large-scale telemedicine project which offers telemedicine to all COPD patients in North Jutland who could benefit from it. The goal of the project is to find the most efficient telemedicine solutions and transform them into a general healthcare provision to any patients in the region who could benefit from it – even after the project ends in 2014. Many will point to the socioeconomic benefits of telemedicine, but the biggest benefit of all will be if COPD patients feel empowered and feel that they have improved their quality of life.

Telemedicine Ulcer Assessment
Telemedicine Ulcer Assessment is a cross-sectorial collaboration between the hospital and the municipality in the assessment and treatment of ulcers. An internet based database is used as a communication platform when making telemedicine ulcer assessment. The staffs at the hospital and in the municipality are able to write each other and also follow and document the development of the ulcer using words and pictures. When the home care nurse is visiting the patient in his/her own home a picture will be taken with a smartphone and sent to the specialists at the hospital. Then the home care nurse will receive guidance and sparring regarding the treatment of the ulcer.