Local Government Denmark
Local Government Denmark (LGDK) is the interest group and member authority of Danish municipalities. It is voluntary to be a member of LGDK, but nevertheless all 98 municipalities in Denmark are members. The mission of LGDK is to safeguard common interests of the municipalities, assist the individual municipality with consultancy services and in addition ensure that the local authorities are provided with up-to-date and relevant information.


The Health Agreements is a co-operation between each region and its municipalities about their shared responsibility for a number of tasks in health. The agreements have shown that there is a great need to optimize communication between the hospitals and the municipalities to ensure positive and coherent patient. The five regions and 98 municipalities have therefore jointly decided to use the electronic exchange of health care data related to admission and discharge, including four new communication standards between home care and hospital: admission report, treatment plan, information on final treatment, and discharge report.


TeleCare North
TeleCare North is a large-scale telemedicine project offering telemedicine to all COPS patients in North Jutland who could benefit from it. Setting a goal of health equality and turning the patient from a passive recipient of services into an active team player makes big demands on everyone involved. Unprecedented types of colaboration must be established, new support and service functions must be set up for patients and their families, work routines must be changed, patients must be brought into the process and they must provide their own data.

Telemedical Ulcer Assessment
Telemedical Wound Assessment is, for example, when nurses from the homecare take photos of complicated and painful sores, which can be caused by diabetes, and send the image electronically to a specialist at the hospital. The specialist can from the photo and a description of the wound in a special “wound journal” in relation to size, healing or infection assess evaluate whether the wound is improving or whether there should be a new type of treatment.