Association of Danish Pharmacies
Pharmacies in Denmark are organised in  the Association of Danish Pharmacies. The pharmacy sector is an important part of the primary health system and is in this capacity subject to in-depth state regulation. It is the state (the Ministry of Health) that controls and administers the sector through a licensing system – in contrast to other parts of the health system, which is primarily operated by the counties. At the same time it is a liberal profession, and the proprietor pharmacist owns his/her pharmacy. This means that the proprietor pharmacist is economically responsible for the financing of the pharmacy and its operation.


With the introduction of the epSOS large scale pilot, Danish citizens with electronic prescriptions can have their medicine dispensed at pharmacies in a number of European countries. At the same time, citizens from other piloting countries can use the epSOS service at a number of pharmacies in Copenhagen and Helsingør in Denmark. For the first time in history, patients in Europe will have the opportunity to use cross-border eHealth services when seeking healthcare in participating epSOS pilot countries – whether as tourists, business travellers, commuters or exchange students.


The National Board of e-Health
The National Board of e-Health is responsible for the existence of relevant common frameworks and standards within e-Health. It generates reference architectures and lay down standards for communication between sectors. Furthermore, it lays the foundation for nationwide infrastructure and operate and develop national health-related IT systems. Finally, we implement specific intersectoral initiatives and collaborate internationally.