PatientVille 2014

PatientVille 2014 takes place at Vitalis in Göteborg, Sweden on the 8th to the 10th of April.

PatientVille tells the story of patient empowerment and is a mockup of the Danish healthcare system demonstrating a fictive patient journey through four different stations.

PatientVille takes its name from the movie DogVille that uses an extremely minimal, stage-like set. Like DogVille, PatientVille tells its story using a minimal set-up with as few props as possible.

The journey includes a demonstration of healthcare and how data is shared between four stations:

●  Hospital

●  Municipality

●  General practitioner

●  Patient’s own home

Guided tours will take the visitor through PatientVille and show how the different sectors are interconnected through data sharing throughout the treatment of the patient.

Tours will take place at booth B09:62 during breaks.

If you wish to visit a specific station at PatientVille or have a talk with the people involved, please stop by at any time.

To learn about the companies, organisations and projects involved in PatientVille 2014, read more in the sidebar.