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North Jutland has a unique tradition of cross-organizational collaboration. TeleCare North is a large scale project offering telemedicine to COPD patients in North Jutland. In TeleCare North all 11 municipalities, the 4 hospitals in the North Denmark region and the GPs engage in interdisciplinary telemedicine collaboration – involving the patient as an active part. TeleCare North has created new solutions and working models for cross-organizational collaboration on telemedicine, and is working to realize a business case where patient empowerment goes up, quality of care goes up and cost and hospitalizations goes down.


OpenTele is a strategic platform in Denmark. It is an
open source telemedicin solution, based on standard
devices and tablets. The solutions collects clinical data
through questionnaires with embedded measurements,
from citizens at home.


Hospitalization at home
By using the Patient Briefcase is it possible to treat
severe COPD patients in their own home rather than
hospitalization. It is possible to measure the PO2,
pulmonary function and heart rate. The Patient Briefcase
are so far used for 2.500 patients and documented
by a Ph.d.

Welfare DK

Welfare Denmark
Virtual Rehabilitation® is an innovative rehabilitation
tool which helps physiotherapists to provide easy and
efficient rehabilitation to the patients/citizens in his/her
own home. The system is developed in close cooperation
with physiotherapists.