Standardized Electronic Communication The Electronic Homecare-Hospital massages in Denmark. Communications, regarding the in patients, and between the nurses at the hospital and the nurses in the municipality. The standards secure automatically and manually electronic information about the citizen/patient and the status of her or his physical and mental state so both the hospital and til municipality can be prepared and perform the best care for the patient/citizen.

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KMD has created a platform for telehealth providing municipalities with one, common launch for all telehealth solutions and projects, regardless of supplier. The objective is to support municipal telehealth measures in order to enable citizens to be actively involved in their own illness and healthcare; and over time to ensure coherent patient pathways for each citizen.


Sekoia delivers an open software platform for nursing homes that integrates existing health care technologies and services into one easy-to-use touchscreen solution. Sekoia streamlines the workflow between the care personnel and the senior citizens, reducing error margins by 50%, administration and office time by 33% as well as reducing the number of sick leaves and stress levels.